Digital media is a disruptive technology

Disruption is a good thing. It forces organizations to rethink how things are done. It provides new opportunities.

The biggest lessons from the arrival of digital media are:

    1) the appreciation for how a disruptive technology imposes speed of change and,
    2) the revelation of the unprecedented degree of customer control interactive media grants the user.

Understanding the implications of these two major lessons is essential to the success of any enterprise leveraging digital media. Competitive innovation is on a different schedule today. Knowing your audience is critical.

The question is not "What can be done with technology?", it is "Why would we want to use it in the first place?"

The basis of making informed decisions is a variation on the old data processing adage "garbage in, garbage out". The answer that you are looking for is only as good as the question being asked. While FAD Research specializes in questions about the use of technology, the focus of consideration remains with people and how any particular technology successfully addresses the needs of the user of technology. Our long experience in interactive media allows our clients to strategically develop interactive services that serve business objectives addressing their customers' needs.

Do as I do, not just as I say

The distinguishing feature of FAD Research from other research companies is that we emphasize actionable outcomes from our work and have the practical experience in interactive media enterprise necessary to back our recommendations. We have completed scores of projects involving research, marketing, development and production of interactive media.

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