Topical Research

From one Internet minute to the next...

Staying current - best practices with technologies are still some of the most rapidly changing areas of knowledge in business today. Our business is to stay abreast of these developments and to discover opportunities for our clients to improve how they communicate. We track trends in audience behaviour, technology development and adoption.

FAD Research has practical expertise in issues related to the conduct of e-business, particularly related to product development, marketing, and social policy issues. Most recently we have provided planning and extensive commentary on how interactive technologies have affected the businesses of traditional media.

FAD Research is frequently contacted to provide opinion and expert commentary on an array of technology issues for business and government. We track the speed of change and anticipate its effects in context of business, economic development and social change.

Advanced Media Services

Assisting media company evolution.

Our Advanced Media Services are designed to assist traditional media companies to plan their evolution to broadband and wireless delivery platforms. We supply a full range of assistance from planning and market research to marketing and deployment for media companies considering using new forms of delivery. Our primary offerings relate to services involving IPTV (Internet Protocol TeleVision) distribution and mobile phones. Our current clients include film, music and new media companies interested in expanding their marketing and distribution options.

Product Development

Interactive Media Development - FAD Research undertakes careful planning assuring that the most suitable service is developed in a way that complements a company's business objectives. We help get to the answers that allow informed planning.

Audience Dialogue- Asking Questions and Getting Answers.

Methods to achieve this may include:

  • Online Surveys - clearly articulating research objectives, developing the questionnaire, designing the survey, recruiting participants, capturing and hosting data and analyzing the results to derive relevant information and insights
  • Competitive Analysis - exploring the strengths and weaknesses of competitors' interactive marketing efforts
  • Best Practices - examining how other businesses, perhaps those serving very different markets, have effectively implemented an interactive service or feature
  • Usability Analysis - clearly articulating the experience that a particular offering is supposed to provide, assessing the extent to which it does provide that experience, identifying obstacles, exploring opportunities for improvement and making concrete recommendations on how to make those improvements
  • Focus Groups - getting to know an audience by developing questions, recruiting suitable participants, facilitating the discussions and analyzing the outcomes
  • Select Interviews - targeting interviews with key individuals who may hold special information that will inform service development

Technology Selection

It is technology but it's not about technology.

Technology Selection - choosing the appropriate technology to solve a problem can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to choose from an array of solutions while making sure you are not creating new problems. FAD Research starts with the overriding consideration that it is not what you can do with a technology, but why you would want to in the first place. This guiding principle helps us to maintain a focus on what works best for the users of a given technology while simultaneously serving the technology provider's business objectives.

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